About The Star Room

About Your Private office Space

Centrally located in Albury Wodonga and close to all-day parking, The Star Room is the ideal location for:

  • Private HR meetings
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Confidential business meetings
  • Face-to-face meetings (instead of meeting in a cafe)
  • Off-site meetings for small teams
  • Small team strategy days that need an independent location
  • Corporate travellers who need a dedicated workspace for a short period
  • A temporary office to work away from home (for an hour or two or the whole day)
  • A quiet space to focus on a project

The Star Room is set up to make your work life easier and better.”

Mell Millgate

Founder and Director – The Star Room

Hi, I’m Mell – Founder and Director of The Star Room and Starfish Marketing.

The Star Room exists because I was regularly being asked by clients, business owners, HR experts, and the like “Do you know anywhere that has a room I can book for a private business meeting? ” and “I need somewhere to focus – somewhere away from the office (or WFH). Do you know anyone who has a quiet workspace I can book for a day or two?”

And then the office next door to Starfish Marketing came up for lease. What’s a girl to do when the universe says “that thing you’ve been thinking about… well here’s the perfect opportunity to go for it!”

Well…a girl has got to go for it!

So, the lease was signed. The Star Room was set up with everything that I can think of that is needed for a work and meeting space… and then some (thanks to idea contributions from friends and clients).

And The Star Room was born!

A space to make your work life easier and better.

I hope you enjoy it.